Constant Therapy

Recovery in the hands of patients

Recovery in the hands of patients

Constant Therapy is an application that helps patients improve their cognitive, speech and language capabilities. Patients complete tasks assigned by clinicians, or by the app through a machine-learning algorithm. Patient progress is shared with clinicians so tasks can be adjusted to maximize recovery over time.

Many needs to consider

Designing this experience was uniquely challenging due to the wide variety of patient abilities and needs. Some users may be challenged in a handful of cognitive categories, while others may have moderate challenges across several areas. Most task types required in-depth usability research, as well as advanced accessiblity definitions.

Some users prefer the most important parts of the interface on either the left or right side of the screen. They may have survived a traumatic brain injury or a stroke that affected one side of their brain. The app is much easier for these users with the primary actions on a particuar side of the screen.

Patient profile information gathered during onboarding is used to set informed interface options. These options can be updated at any time from the settings screen. Advanced control of the interface allows patients to achieve the most with their time spent in the app.

Patient & Clinician Dashboards

At the core of the Constant Therapy experience are the Patient and Clinician Dashboards. These website based tools allow patients to manage account details, and clinicians to manage their patients all in one convenient place. Clinicians can review task homework progress, and review each patient's brain fingerprint.

A new feature of Clinician Dashboard is the ability to review and assign task homework to a patient. This complex flow previously existed only within the mobile application. Work began on integrating this flow with the Clinician Dashboard by interviewing clinicians familiar with Constant Therapy. This research identified several areas where the existing homework flow worked well, as well as areas that could benefit from being reworked within the Clinician Dashboard interface.

Clinician Dashboard showing overview statistics, patient progress details, and brain fingerprint.

Clinician Dashboard showing task homework subcategories.

Clinician Dashboard showing task homework assignment interface.