Custom gear stores

Ecommerce stores for anyone

In 2015, SquadLocker began building a web app to allow consumers to create custom gear stores. The product team was challenged to create an intuitive store-building experience. Consumers would browse thousands of unique products and choose a subset of these to include in their stores.

View it before it's made

Generating previews of customized gear pre-production is a feature unique to the Store Builder application. Once customers upload their logo, they are able to browse through products and see previews of customized gear with their logo.

This unique feature was achieved by using the LiquidPixels API. I designed a system through which logos could be sized, positioned, and overlaid on gear using 3D transformations and alpha masks.

The transformations were handled through Grid files, which were created on a per-image basis. I trained an internal team of 15+ graphic designers to create and update Grid files for thousands of unique items offered in 20+ colors.

LiquidPixels was so impressed with how far we pushed the capabilities of their platform that they created a use case demo on logo overlays using a versions of our image chain logic.

Build your own team logo

LiquidPixels was further utilized to create a custom logo builder. This tool allowed customers to create their own artwork from a library of stock vector images. Customers could also add text in a variety of shapes and orientations and in multiple locations on products. This artwork was able to be previewed in nearly real time on any product in the Squadlocker offering.

Uniforms and Gear Packs

By supplying brand, color, sport, and category values, composite Uniform and Gear Pack images can be generated using LiquidPixels. This feature allows the Marketing and Inventory teams to rapidly test and iterate on product package concepts. This feature was especially powerful when combined with customized gear previews.