Citizens Bank

Financial Checkups

I worked on the Checkup project at Citizens. The first goal of this project was to allow customers (and potential customers) to create an appointment at a local branch, and complete a financial profile before the appointment. The second goal was to allow bankers the ability to conduct Checkup appointments with the customer, and make smart recommendations based on the customer profile.

Easy appointments

The Checkup project had design work in progress when I joined the team. The first phase of work involved auditing existing design artifacts. I worked with product stakeholders to identify, define and prioritize future design work.

Designing good experiences for appointment management software is challenging. Each organization does things their own way, and data can be spread across several disparate teams. Designing for Checkup involved defining user workflows, and coordinating cross-team to get access to required data endpoints.

1. Citizens Checkup Home

2. Find a Branch

4. Choose a Banker

4. Choose a Date & Time

5. Enter basic profile information

6. Appointment confirmation

The Banker Application

The customer-facing scheduling experience was the first half of the Checkup project. The banker-facing Appointment experience was the second scope of work. This tool allows bankers to review customer provided information in a module based dashboard, and conduct the actual appointment with the customer.

Most of the design work went into refining each module screen. The existing system defined which features were available for the Appointment experience. The refined designs aimed to take advantage of what worked in the existing system, and drop features that did not support the banker or customer journey.

1. Appointment agenda dashboard

2. Saving for the Future Module - Outlook + goals

3. Saving for the Future Module - Goal added

4. Saving for the Future Module - Financial Review

5. Saving for the Future Module - Savings Calculator

6. Saving for the Future Module - Budgeting Calculator

7. Appointment agenda dashboard with newly completed module